Bachelor of Arts(BA)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a three year program of Tribhuvan University. The course was designed with the purpose of giving theoretical and conceptual based knowledge to the students. The Faculty of humanities and Social Science (FOHSS) under the TU is the authentic authority to conduct the administrative business of Bachelor of Arts. The motto of FOHSS is to build up qualified and dedicated human resources in the field of humanities and social science. This faculty is the leading faculty in terms of number of subjects offered and the number of department it has. This faculty consists of more than 30 constituent campus and more than 300 affiliated colleges where millions of students are gaining education and shaping their careers. Wide ranges of course are taught in Bachelors in Arts. Some of the subjects taught in BA are: Major English, Nepali, Mathematics, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Culture, Political Science, Economics, Journalism, International Study, crisis management, social work, etc. Examination of BA takes under the annual system. Unlike, management and science stream, it is a still three year program.